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Understanding the Relationship Between Various Marketing Channels



In a previous blog post, we covered the value in multi-channel funnels reports. Digging in deeper into the value of this type of reporting, let’s look at the types of channels and insights that are leveraged in these reports.
You can think of this type of reporting similar to how a basketball team works together. Sure we all know who made the winning shot, but think about how that winning shot would’ve never happened if his teammate didn’t make the perfect pass to him. Each team member plays a part in their victory. Similarly, a channel can play the role of first interaction, assist interaction and last interaction in multi-channels funnels reporting.
The various channels that are captured in these reports include, but are not limited to:
• paid and organic search (on all search engines along with the specific keywords searched)
• referral sites
• affiliates
• social networks
• email newsletters
• custom campaigns that you’ve created, including offline campaigns that send traffic to vanity URLs
Reporting occurs during the 30 days that led up to each conversion and transaction. Understanding the relationship between each channel will give you the intelligence you need to help define your most valuable marketing efforts.
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Image credit: Stefan Baudy