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Use Google Insights To Keep Your Keywords Up To Date

May 18, 2010

We live in an age of constantly changing technology, economic conditions, etc. Therefore it is no surprise that 20% of the phrases searched in Google every day have never been searched before. With this in mind, it is important to constantly update the list of keyword phrases you focus your search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts on. Don’t think that you can do some keyword research at the beginning of a campaign, come up with a list of targeted keywords, and be done with it. If you do that then you are missing out on a great deal of search traffic generated by newer, more trending phrases.

A good way to ensure you are keeping up with the most recent searches within your industry is to run some of your most targeted keywords through Google Insights. This free tool will return both the current most popular searches related to the phrase(s) you input and the phrases that are gaining volume at the fastest rate. Take advantage of the latest searches in your industry by optimizing for them before your competitors do.