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Useful Google Video Series – Teach Parents Tech

April 15, 2011

Whether young or old, probably most of you reading this blog post have been asked by parents to explain some “technology” you find quite simple. After all, this is every day stuff for most of us.

Well, Google has provided the perfect way for you to get out of having to ever answer those pesky questions. Just tell them to visit “Teach Parents Tech” – a playlist in Google’s YouTube channel featuring simple instructional videos on topics like “How to check the weather”, “How to get movie times”, and even “How to copy and paste”. There are endless other options, all of them very fundamental – but probably things we do every day without even thinking. One of my favorites is “How to know if an email is real”.

So, next time you get asked for “tech support” for some trivial thing, instead of rolling your eyes, send them to Google. You may want to consider checking it out yourself. Who knows – you might even learn something.