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Using Blogs in Internet Marketing


Blogs, short for “web log”, have evolved from being a personal online journal to a corporate marketing tool. But how can a blog fit into your internet marketing campaign?

Jay Berkowitz, owner of the Florida internet marketing agency Ten Golden Rules, believes that there are no limits to the marketing potential of a blog. Communicate with your customers about what’s going on within the company. Offer commentary on what’s going on with your industry. Use a blog to showcase a specific project and provide support to your customers. Provide additional resources that are relevant to your niche market. Here are some examples of how blogs are being used:

  • Mega Yachts Blog – Fraser Yachts Worldwide offers commentary on the mega yacht industry, using their corporate blog.
  • Diabetic Resource Center – American Diabetes Services uses their corporate blog to connect their customers with the latest news on diabetes.
  • EPIC Miami blog – Condo developers of EPIC Miami Hotel and Residences created a blog about their real estate development project to draw in prospective buyers.