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Using “Facebook Candy” to Increase Engagement


Engagement seems to be a buzzword among social media marketers who are trying to get the most interaction from fans to increase their brand visibility online. So how do you get fans to share, like and comment on your posts? Let’s focus on Facebook since this is still by far the largest social network, but realize that this can be applied across all social media sites.
One way to spark engagement is by using what we like to call “Facebook Candy” – visual images like photos and videos stand out in a users’ feed and makes them more likely to interact with your post. You can add a single photo or upload a group of photos at once into a photo album. Both are eye-catching in your fans’ newsfeeds, but clicking on a photo album requires the user to leave their newsfeed, so single photos are sometimes more effective. Types of photos you may want to post include product photos, event photos, behind-the-scenes photos and memes. Remember to add a brief comment or question with each post to help jump start the conversation.
Posting relevant videos that are humorous, educational or awe-inspiring can also generate a lot of engagement. Don’t be afraid to go out and create your own videos. Use the title and description to help make the video stand out and always include a call to action. Creating engaged users means you’re building a devoted fan base that will help spread the word about your brand or product. That’s why it’s important to craft posts that grab attention in this media-saturated world. You can raise your brand awareness and build lifelong customers by creating more effective posts with images and video.
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