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Using Twitter to Promote Your Website


If you are actively involved with the internet, you most likely have heard of Twitter. Twitter is a cross between blogging, instant message away messages and social networking. The idea of Twitter is that you update when you choose, writing about what’s on your mind but with a 140 character limit. You can link to your Twitter page on your own website, add Twitter friends to your list and read their entries, otherwise known as “Tweets.” Twitter is a great tool for networking, online communication and collaboration.
So how is Twitter useful for a company promoting their website?

  • Promote special events or offers
  • Promote an interesting article or new feature on the website
  • Provide insight on a current event
  • Build relationships with prospective clients
  • Build a conversation

You can pretty much Twitter anywhere you are, through cell phone text, instant message, Facebook and many other 3rd party clients and applications.
Many Twitter users are individuals but there are also many well known sites that use Twitter to promote news or features on their websites such as CNN, ESPN and MacRumors. Using Twitter is just another way to make your presence on the web known.