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Using Vine for Business


Brand new video-sharing app Vine is making a buzz on the internet. What is Vine? It’s the Instagram of video – just press and release the screen to take clips for a 6 second video that is then socially shared with followers and via hashtags. With some quick thinking, your business can be one of the earliest adapters to this fun new social channel. Here’s how:

  • Take videos showing off new products. Moving toys and quick videos of models showing off clothing are good examples.
  • Run a contest on your own personal hashtag. Pick a topic and offer a prize to the winning video.
  • Take behind-the-scenes videos of your business. Funny or entertaining videos will be best at attracting attention.
  • Get creative and make a 6-second introduction to your brand.
  • If your business runs events, take quick clips during each event and show it off on Vine.
  • If your business depends on tourism and travel, take videos of the landmarks in your area.
  • Be sure to share all of your Vine videos on other social media, like Twitter and Facebook.

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