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Video: The Secret Weapon for Law Firms and Professional Services | Webinar Recap


Did you know that including videos on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%? (HubSpot.) When done right, video can drive major ROI for your legal or professional services firm, winning you more leads, conversions and clients.
Join Jay Berkowitz, Expert Legal Marketer and Best-Selling Author, for game-changing advice on how to use video in your marketing program. He’ll be joined by award-winning video producers, writers, and directors to teach you:

Video for Social Media

Learn how to create engaging social media videos that actively earn leads while keeping your firm top of mind.

Optimizing Your Videos for Search Engines

Get step-by-step advice on video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – and how to get top results with your video marketing content.

The Video Cascading Content Strategy

Learn how to cascade videos across your online channels to achieve more exposure and maximize the value of your content.

Now Live! Zoom Court Hearings, Mediations & Arbitrations.

Zoom and other online streaming meeting services are here to stay. And with the advent of Zoom court hearings, mediations, arbitrations and all types of business meetings, attorneys and all business people need to learn the best practices for looking—and performing—your best on camera.

Watch and Learn!

We hope you enjoy learning from the industry’s leading video marketing and production experts. You’ll learn how to produce and promote effective video content that tells your unique story, sells your value, and turns viewers into future clients.