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Virtual Meetings That Work – GoToMeeting

October 2, 2018

Hey all, it’s Beckton, back with a post about another tool we utilize frequently here at Ten Golden Rules, Virtual Meetings. We often use services like GoToMeeting, Zoom and Google Hangout. We’re going to focus only on GoToMeeting, because there are too many different services for virtual meetings to cover all of them. Most of them are quite similar in functionality to GoToMeeting.
GoToMeeting is somewhat similar to what the name suggests, a virtual meeting space that people connect to over the internet. With the number of clients here, and their diverse locations all around the country and world, it would be impossible to meet face to face with them.
GoToMeetings are better than a phone call because you can share a screen and review data or layouts and you can use web cameras to see the other people in the meeting, it really is just like being there in person!

Show Anything and Everything

The interface of GoToMeeting during a virtual meeting.

Here at Ten Golden Rules, we use GoToMeeting for almost every client meeting, whether we want to meet once a month or once a week. It allows us to easily show presentation slides to the client to highlight key areas or show the progress we have made. This allows the clients to follow along, almost exactly like you would do in a real meeting, minus the travel time and expense.
GoToMeeting also has many other integrated tools like drawing on the shared screen, chat and the capability to record meetings.

An Invaluable Tool

While nothing can entirely replace face-to-face meetings, GoToMeeting has been an invaluable tool in getting business done. It is a very affordable solution for any individual or company, with plans starting at 20 dollars per month. With the massive advantages over phone calls, it is definitely worth using as an internet meeting service.