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Want to be an Internet DJ? Check out Blip.FM

March 2, 2009

I believe in the rule of 3’s for new internet products. The first time I hear about something I make a mental note, the second time I might check it out, if I hear about a new product or service for a third time I know that must give it a test drive.

I had been hearing about Blip.FM and then within 1 week Shawn Collins the founder of Affiliate Summit linked me to a Blip from Twitter and tonight one of the brightest young minds in social media, Amanda Mooney introduced me to a dynamic band called Vampire Weekend and this song Ottoman on her Blip.

So far I like it! The site plays some excellent fresh sounding music based on the DJ’s recommended to me through 3 songs I selected when I registered.

Check out my ‘blip’: