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Want To Get Media Attention?

March 13, 2009

Seth Godin posted a great article about his differences on publicity and PR. He explains that, “PR is the strategic crafting of your story,” while publicity, “is the act of getting ink.” When talking about public relations, publicity is only one tactic to bringing attention to your company.

I want to share a list of “tactics” companies should be using to gain publicity and have the public buzzing about your product/brand/service:

Media Relations – contact the media! Use Twitter and Facebook, present them with stories that way. Provide them with links to your ideas, or press releases that you’ve written. Make them aware of upcoming news conferences, press tours.

Special Events – Host open houses, fund-raisers, trade shows, ceremonies, contests, stunts, receptions, speeches by V.I.P’s at your location. Invite local dignitaries and be sure to let your local media outlet know of what’s taking place and who is coming.

Letters to Editors – Send letters to your local newspaper for the Op Ed sections responding to news items where you are an expert. Let them know you can used as a resource for information about topics.

Sponsorships – Get involved with you local sports team or chamber of commerce, sponsor an event or a season. However, leverage this by making sure your sponsorship will be acknowledged on advertising, programs, uniforms, posters, or other promotional materials.

Donate to local charities – Even though a donation has to be very large to make the news, a consistent commitment to giving back to your community by supporting local charities will enhance your image. When you donate, ask for acknowledgment in newsletters, plaques, or other promotional materials they may have.