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Ways To Share Video on Twitter


We all know we can share pictures on Twitter, otherwise known as ‘Twitpics’ but did you know you can also share video? There are a few sites out there that allow you to upload video to their site and give you a link to share on your Twitter stream.

TwitVid allows you to upload a video or record a video from your webcam and then automatically updates your Twitter steam. TwitVid also has an app for your iPhone 3Gs and Blackberry so you can even record video from your cellphone and then upload it straight to TwitVid. You can even embed TwitVids on other websites as well.

Twiddeo is another site that also allows you to upload video from the web, cameraphone or through your webcam. You can also embed these videos on other websites, and if you have the Firefox plugin, Greasemonkey installed, you can even view Twiddeos on your stream.