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Wednesday Webinar with @TenGoldenRules: Blogs Are Dead, or Are They?


Blogs have been a popular way for business professionals and everyday consumers to share their  input and reviews of products, ideas and events. No matter what the subject, everybody has an online voice these days, but it takes real work and determination to create a brand aligned blog to

generate interest. 

So we must ask: Are blogs still really a valuable tool for your online marketing strategies? According to eCommerce speaker and marketing entrepreneur Kat Simpson, you still need a home base to send your enthusiasts. Regularly updated information is great for search engines, and blogs just help small business owners and major corporations alike. In this webinar, you’ll learn to:

– Revitalize your old blog and start anew
– Capture an audience with powerful copy relevant to 2013
– Strategize through better search engine tactics that conform to new optimization rules
– Improve the reach of your blog traffic through carefully planned updates

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About Kat Simpson

Kat Simpson is a respected eCommerce Speaker, educator, and entrepreneur, with over 10 years experience as an eCommerce merchant. Kat is the owner of Kat’s boutique, and successfully sells cross channel on several online platforms. She has co-hosted several eCommerce podcasts, such as eBay and Beyond, and The River, The Ranch and the Bay. Learn more about Kat at

Click here to register for FREE (11-13-13 at 12:30pm EST)