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What’s Next on the Internet? I’d love to get your input. Please comment.

April 27, 2009

I am writing a new keynote internet marketing presentation and I’d love your help. What’s Hot? What’s up Next for Internet Marketing? What will we all be doing online next year?

As always, I’ll credit you on our podcast, blog, presentations etc. for good ideas.

Here some of the themes I am working with so far.

– Everybody is Famous to 15 People (Social Media Micro Marketing)
– Everything Open Source
– Micro Communications (RSS, Twitter)
– Making Social Media Make Money
– Customer Service as the new Marketing Department (examples @RichardatDell, @NetSolCares)
– Free! (Free Software, Google Tools)
– Virtual Worklife (Meetings, Work, Training becomes virtual)
РWeb Celebrities (Ashton Kutcher first to 1M Twitter followers, Obama’s Social Media Success)
– Video Video Video (video is super hot for communicating, branding, conversion, traffic etc.)
– Semantic Web (Computer artificial intelligence better finding information)
– Consumer Journalism (A Twitter picture broke the US Airways Jet in The Hudson River story)