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Who Leads Marketing Innovation?

September 2, 2010

As a new player at Ten Golden Rules, part of my role will be to help our clients develop sound interactive marketing plans that will have a positive impact on their bottom line sales goals. This philosophy is ingrained into the very fiber of the Ten Golden Rules team. We strategize, test, execute and measure our programs every single day. But how does this methodology apply to our B2B clientele? Traditionally, you might think that B2B marketing innovation has always lagged behind its B2C counterparts. Not so anymore.

Beyond the catchy music and clever design, what I love about this video are the statistics.

81% of B2B companies maintain a company account or profile on social media vs. 67% of B2C companies

75% of B2B companies micro-blog vs. 49% of B2C companies

As the video suggests, no longer are the B2B marketers lagging behind their B2C cohorts. In some cases, they’re even leading the charge. We’ve seen the onset of the new digital C-Suite who not only enjoy using technology, they embrace it. And with 93% of B2B buyers starting the purchase cycle via search, doesn’t it make sense for your company to be searchable no matter what your business?

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