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Who’s the Undisputed King of MySpace?

August 17, 2007

I admit it. I’m a fan. So, last week, when I received an email from Dane Cook, I was pretty excited. I’ve actually been a stand up comedy fan for many, many years and he’s one of my favorites. Over the years, he’s taken a very grassroots approach to marketing himself, as many stand up comedians do. But, he had a slight advantage in that his timing was perfect – perfect for the Internet. The viral and community-based nature of the Internet allowed him to reach many more people than any traditional method could. And right on the heels of his start came a website called MySpace. Dane Cook has used MySpace to its fullest – and for proof, his email included the bold statement – 2 million friends on MySpace.

Dane’s email went on to say: “When I try to wrap my head around TWO MILLION PEOPLE, it’s just not that easy. Did you know, that if THIS were a city, we would actually be the 5th largest in the USA? That’s right; New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and then us! We’re even bigger than my hometown of Boston! We should try and think of names for this city of ours. Any suggestions?”

The mind does stagger when you think of THAT many people wanting to be “your friend”. But with a simple formula and good execution, anyone can do it. So, there you go – Dane Cook: Undisputed King of MySpace. Su Fi.