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Why Businesses Should Have a Presence on Facebook

November 21, 2007

Facebook has gone a long way from being just a MySpace clone. It has actually become something way better. Facebook is a social network that connects friends, family and coworkers together through their profiles. Most recently, Facebook has opened its doors to businesses to have a presence on Facebook as well, enabling Facebook members to discover new organizations and businesses and interact with them as well.

With a Facebook page, businesses can provide general information on their business as well as display videos, photos and any other applications that are relevant. A Facebook member can become a “fan” of the business profile, post comments and interact with others by discussions right on the profile. Applications such as syndicating a business blog can bring awareness to members who didn’t know a blog existed for their business.

A concern a business may have when it comes to having a Facebook profile is how they can even get noticed. Since Facebook members are linked together, each member can see what they’re doing through a News Feed. A News Feed is a unique feed that announces when a member has done something, such as join a Facebook group, update their profile, or comment on another profile. If a Facebook member becomes a fan of Coca Cola, all their friends will know through the News Feed and may want to be fans of Coca Cola too.

Besides having a Facebook page, they also offer Social Ads, which target a specific audience on Facebook. These ads are made to be influential, since if one member finds it interesting, a friend of theirs may be interested in it as well.

So if you haven’t considered Facebook as a way to get more exposure to your business or organization, you should definitely join today.