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Why Twitter is so successful?

August 11, 2008

I was trying to understand why Twitter is so popular. I opened an account in Twitter and try to understand why people have to follow me and why do I have to follow others. In other words, try to find out a use for this micro blog that only allow you publish 140 words. So I went to the Internet and I found a very interesting post:

Gregor Hochmuth at wrote:

“The answer lies in understanding Audience. Twitter has a simple premise: You tweet & the message is pushed to your friends or followers. The actual mechanics are slightly different (messages go to everyone who follows you, whether they’re your “friends” or not, assuming your stream is public) — but from a user’s perspective, the circle of receivers consists only of the people they know”.

So, as Susan explained last week, you can have your own personal news wired and get in touch with the latest news feed from your friends or followers with short messages or histories such as “I’m late today…” , I’m at Affiliate Summit Presentation in Boston today listening to Jay Berkowitz”, etc. So Twitter works and enjoys such strong attachment because it provides real-time access to a well-defined audience.