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Why You Should Rethink Your Website Design in 2013


Mashable has predicted that 2013 will be the year of responsive design. What is responsive design? It’s when your website scales to the device it’s being viewed on, giving each individual user the best possible experience with your site. With responsive design, flexible grids ensure that your website will look stunning no matter if it’s being viewed on a tablet, smartphone, or computer.
Responsive design is becoming more and more important – for the first time since 2001, PC sales are projected to be lower than the previous year, with tablet and smartphone sales skyrocketing. It’s why companies, small and large, retail or service, B2B or B2C, should all start thinking about the consumer’s experience with their website. In an increasingly mobile world, a better user experience can mean a huge difference in sales. If your consumers can’t make a purchase from their smartphone at the moment they’re thinking about it, or if purchasing it from their smartphone is time-consuming, they may not convert later.
Is your company using responsive design on their website?