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Why your law firm absolutely needs SEO

Olivia Bibbee

Are you unsure about SEO? 

Are you contemplating whether it’s necessary for your law firm to come up in the free Google searches (Search Engine Optimization)? 

We’ll give it to you straight – it is very necessary.

If your website isn’t ranking for the keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors, chances are they will be getting more of those valuable visitors than you. The more traffic they get, the less that comes your way!

And, the PPC – Pay Per Click – Google Ads keep getting more and more expensive. In some practice areas it costs $200 to $300 for just 1 click! So it is critically important to make SEO a part of your overall marketing strategy to split the cost of paid leads with free SEO leads.

SEO is also highly trusted by prospective customers, people always say ‘I don’t click on the paid ads I click on the SEO’. And this is supported by statistics, SEO links consistently get more clicks and a higher conversion rate than paid ads.

Our team of experts can ensure you have the right strategy to be successful. Schedule a discovery call with us today! Plus, we’ll do a free audit of your current SEO results and compare this to your competitors’ SEO.