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Will Best Buy’s New Video Streaming Service Compete with Netflix, Hulu and Others?

May 20, 2010

Yesterday Best Buy announced their new video streaming service branded as CinemaNow. Although with the intent of remaining competitive in the space, the service is already receiving unpromising reviews. CinemaNow provides digital downloads for Internet connected devices such as an Xbox and other entertainment boxes, but is limited with its mobile offerings. Right now it is only offered on the Windows Media Player platform, therefore limiting the selection of mobile devices that can use
CinemaNow for renting. Just one more note to bear in mind though, you can’t actually watch the movies from your mobile device, you can only select which movies to deliver to your PC. For additional details, click here for an article from TechNewsDaily.

CinemaNow has stiff competition in Netflix and the like. Their price point will have to remain extremely competitive too. I feel the service has lots of details and features to work out, but perhaps it’s worth looking into once it develops further.

image credit: richardmasoner