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Will Diaspora Be The One?

November 27, 2010

We first started hearing about the Diaspora project several months ago, as this week the site officially began sending out invites. Diaspora prides itself on three aspects: Choice, Ownership and Simplicity. As a Diaspora user, you have complete granular control over every aspect of your information including who sees your info, the ownership of it and the ease of maintaining this privacy. So, will it be the one to trump Facebook?

Only time will tell if Diaspora can take on the giant, but according to Pete Cashmore Founder and CEO of, it seems highly doubtful. Nonetheless, I’m still interested to see how this site develops. A little competition is always helpful in product refinement and improvement. Even though Diaspora may not be the one to give Facebook that competition, perhaps it paves the way for another contender.

Will you be signing up with Diaspora?