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Will Facebook Be A LinkedIn Contender?

July 12, 2012

Although not confirmed, it is speculated that sometime in the latter part of the summer, Facebook will launch a searchable job board. The job board would function as an aggregate of job postings from various third parties.

There are still a lot of questions about this – but the concept is already circulating through the media. Is this in an effort to get a piece of the estimated $4.3 billion global online job-recruitment industry? It just might be…

Details have not been released as to how the job postings will appear for the 900 million plus user base (i.e. within the News Feed). Regardless, this could make for an interesting battle between LinkedIn and Facebook.

Many people would probably agree that they do not prefer to have their personal and professional online presences comingled. However, many employers may prefer to see a potential employee’s “real life” – and the intersection of your Facebook presence and their job postings may be the answer to that.

What benefits do you see in Facebook’s potential job board?

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Image credit: arazaphotography