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Will I see you at Search Engine Strategies Miami?

June 14, 2007

Are you going to Search Engine Strategies Miami next Monday June 18th and Tuesday June 19th? We’d love to meet up and talk shop!

Here are some of the sessions I have bookmarked:

Tapping Into US Hispanics & Latin Americans Via Search with Nacho Hernandez, Founder and CEO, iHispanic Marketing Group, Emerson Calegaretti, VP of Client Development, Latin America, Acronym Media, Rafael Jiménez, General Manager, Advertising and Publisher Group, Yahoo! Hispanic Americas, Jack Flanagan, Executive Vice President, comScore Media Metrix, Sarah Carberry, Multicultural Development Manager, Google

SEM Campaign & Project Management, Speakers: Frank Watson, Head Search Marketing, FXCM, Alexi Huntley, Anthropologist/Marketing Director, Naturegate, Paul D. Saffery, Managing Director, SilverDisc Chile, Martín Gallone, Marketing Manager for Argentina, MercadoLibre

Link Building: Jessie Stricchiola, Founder, Alchemist Media Inc., Todd Sarouhan, President,, Mike Grehan, Founder & CEO, Searchvisible Ltd., Debra O’Neil-Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link, Victor H. Pitts, Vice President of Sales and Client Services,

PS – Don’t miss a visit to the trade show floor. I often find I learn more on the ‘floor’ than in the sessions.

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