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Would You Quit Facebook?

May 20, 2010

I found an interesting website today called which is basically a website that lets people sign up to ‘commit to quit,’ and sends an email to them to remind them to delete their Facebook page on May 31, 2010. Ever since Facebook changed the way you can manage your personal data, making it difficult for average users to change it, it has frustrated a lot of people to the point where they just don’t want to deal with using Facebook anymore. I personally find Facebook changing way too much, and although I do agree it is frustrating, it isn’t enough for me to quit.

Another concern is privacy. I think that with any social network, it is easy to just not share certain information. Don’t add any personal information on your profile, ignore the requests for games, don’t use any apps and just use Facebook for what it was meant to be used for – to communicate with the people you know and for businesses to communicate with their customer base.

So what are your opinions on Facebook’s new ways? Would it be enough to just quit?