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Write A Check 💲 – Get a Link 🔗


At Ten Golden Rules webinars, we always talk about ABCs of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (link to the latest ABC webinar); and we always point to the importance of having exemplary Architecture, Backlinks, and Content on your website. 
You have your modern website, you write content that people are searching for, content with the answers to their questions, but this doesn’t mean the website will automatically rank. You have to establish authority, which can be accomplished by earning backlinks from different sources and authoritative websites to link to your website. 
As a digital marketing agency for law firms that give great importance to our clients’ website SEO, we know that backlinks are the key to taking your site’s organic visibility, rankings, and traffic to the next level. 
Our Google representatives confirmed that links and quality content are two of the three most important ranking factors for SEO. 
But from where to take those valuable backlinks?
Jay Berkowitz, founder and partner of Ten Golden Rules, shares his 25+ years of digital marketing expertise:
“One of the best places to get a backlink to your website is from clients and vendors; I have an expression that I share with my clients all the time: Write A Check, Get A Link.
Leverage your relationships with people like vendors, colleagues you work with, ex-law-school friends, and people you have marketing partnerships with. Here’s a little strategy that’s been very successful for us, and it’s called link bait curated list. Essentially, you’re going to bait people like the little bit of bait on a fish hook, and you want to bait other people to link to your website.
So let’s say you’re, for example, a personal injury law firm, and you sponsor a local high school football team for their game, write a check – get a link from this high school that will be an educational website.
The .edu backlinks are valuable and hard to get, but they will help your SEO effort. “
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