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Yahoo Announces Further Social Integration

June 8, 2010

Founded in 1994 and stated to have over 600 million users across its Yahoo platform,
Yahoo announces a major rollout yesterday — further integration with Facebook. This means Yahoo is now allowing users to view their Facebook feed and update their status directly from their Yahoo mail and the Yahoo Homepage. As like the rest of the web, Yahoo is announcing these features as part of their plan to become more open and social. Users will also be able to manage privacy settings along with their information via a central dashboard called Yahoo Pulse.

Do you feel you will be using Yahoo more with the further developments they have been announcing? I do feel they are moving in the right direction as they continue to simplify their homepage while making it more social friendly. For the longest time, I have felt their homepage was overwhelming with the amount of information on it. Now it not only is more simplistic, but also gives more helpful social options.