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You Can Make Money From Twitter!!!

January 13, 2011

That’s what 50 cent’s fans did if they got read the tweet and got in early enough. After tweeting about a stock that he is heavily invested in, it rose 240%, which was enough to allow him to sell some of his shares and make over $8.5 million. He wrote, “”You can double your money right now, just get what you can afford.” It only took a day for the penny stock to climb up $0.39 which allowed him to sell. If any of these followers did any research, they would have found the company reported less than $300,000 in revenue last year while losing over $1 million, according to MSN. Also, Bloomberg has published reports showing how unclear it is as to what the company does, from selling handbags to sunglasses and distributing headphones. I guess with over 3.5 million followers he has some influence in the Twittersphere and people just listen. Did you buy any shares?