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Your SEO Sucks? 8 Questions for your Agency…


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Are leads dwindling from your website and SEO results? 

Your marketing team or your agency may be missing the mark. 

Here are 8 questions you can ask your agency to determine if they focused on the right things or even a good fit at all:

  1. How many new clients are coming in from Google Screened – Local Service Ads (LSAs)? Are you approved for this platform? If so, how often are you coming up in the top two positions? 
  2. Does your agency provide frequent, precise reporting on your website’s performance, including trend lines for at least 13 months of history? This reporting should include not only how many people are coming to your website, but how many people take an action to generate a lead through call, form, or chat  – and how many convert to clients.
  3. How many actual leads and clients are coming in from SEO? Most agencies report the number of keywords your firm is ranking for in SEO results. What really matters is how many SEO clicks are turning into actual leads (and leads to clients) rather than just keyword ranking. 
  4. How does your website perform on mobile? What percentage of your traffic is coming through mobile (cell phones and tablets)? What percentage is converting to new clients? 
  5. Does your firm have a Referral Booster program? A monthly e-newsletter and social media program is the most cost-effective way to stay top of mind with past customers and referring attorneys. 
  6. What is your agency doing to help you get more reviews? Google reviews are now a critical ranking factor in the Local Service Ads and Google Maps. If your agency hasn’t consulted with you on how to get more reviews – that is a serious red flag. 
  7. Is your website optimized for Google’s new algorithm Core Web Vitals? Does it convert at a high level? Is it mobile friendly? Is it ADA compliant? Does it feature real people and the firm’s partners? Does it have a large image at the top in line with contemporary website design? Is it mobile responsive? 
  8. When’s the last time your agency introduced a new innovation that’s improved business? Arguably the most important of all our Golden Rules is #10 Lead the Trends. When a new technology or strategy becomes available, your agency should help you innovate before the rest of the world discovers new strategies and catches on. For instance, has your agency talked to you about using Ai to increase performance? What about using the suggested search function in Google to feature your website? Is your agency coaching you on how to become viral with TikTok and Reels?

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