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YouTube Announces Program for Charging Video Rental Fees

May 6, 2010

YouTube has grown rapidly since founded in February 2005. Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube and it is currently the 2nd search engine in the world. In addition to providing movie rentals, YouTube Executive Hunter Walk, has now announced they will allow users to charge rental fees.

What does this mean for you? Potentially, YouTube may now allow you to monetize your uploaded videos. I find this model fascinating because rather than charging advertisers; the viewers will now be the ones to pay the price. Unfortunately, we don’t know who exactly will be eligible for this program or when; although Mashable did state, “this service is not available to all users, but only to the users who are members of the partnership program.”

I’m curious to see how this payment model will work. Can you think of any user videos you would be willing to “rent” on YouTube? Will this potentially force YouTube to allow longer videos to be uploaded? This could be an exciting opportunity to expand upon your business or perhaps just make some extra cash.

image credit: Search Engine People Blog