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4 Marketing Lessons From One of My Favorite Sites

September 25, 2007

4 marketing lessons from one of my favorite sites

If you like the newest gadgets and gizmos then you’re most likely already a fan of I personally love my technology and Woot fills this love daily. This brings me to marketing lesson number 1 from

1) They change the offer daily. Every day at 1am east a new product is featured for sale on the site. They only sell one item, but it’s the cheapest on the web for just 24 hours. This tactic attracts daily traffic. With this traffic Woot is able to capture the attention of these visitors through a valued offer and effective community rich features.

2) Creating a community. Products are entered on the website in forum format so all the users can comment, rant and rave. On any given day depending on the product there will be 100 – 1000 comments and this information is helpful to anyone looking to buy this product type. This creates a live up to date information database that’s interactive and fun. Woot makes this space even more fun with weekly contests and cash prizes. The contests are real zany and definitely attractive to the computer tech geeks.

3) Using effective social web tools. Woot actively uses social tools such as Twitter to keep users up to date and connected to the site even when not visiting.

4) Great Copy. They amaze me with their copy. Any site can post statistics on a printer but makes this information interesting through dynamic and hilarious copy. Trust me and read the copy for today’s product. It will open your eyes.

How can you apply these tactics to your own site? Turn your existing static websites into a feature rich fun and dynamic web space. It will keep your users entertained and create more fans for your brand.