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5 Easy Steps to get Visitors to Subscribe to your Blog


So you finally caught up to speed and you created your first blog (it’s about time!). Once you get the hang of it, you start blogging regularly about your product, service or hobby. The one issue you find yourself having is that no one seems to be subscribing to your blog! You spend hours each day writing blog posts yet you have no one to share your juicy content with. The following are some simple steps to get people interested in your blog and wanting to subscribe to read more.

1. Have your blog subscription towards the top of the blog where it is clearly visible to all your visitors. You want to make sure your subscription is easily found. If visitors have to go searching to figure out how to subscribe, they are likely going to leave your blog.

2. If your blog theme is not about anything technical, educate your blog readers with a blog post about what online subscriptions (RSS feeds) are. Then put a link under your subscriptions area linking to this post as a reference.

3. Make sure your blog has a main focus. If your blog discusses too many unrelated topics, your visitors will not know what to expect from your site if they return. For example, if you are a wedding photography website, you can blog about photography techniques, past weddings you have photographed, or even wedding tips. Be sure you stick with a theme for the blog so that visitors want to come back to learn more on your topic. If you discuss everything that pops into your head, visitors will not know what to expect when they come back to your site and they might not want to subscribe, or even come back at all.

4. Post in forums related to your industry. If you become active in your online community, people might want to learn more about you and start reading your blog regularly.

5. Post comments on other industry related blogs. Read other blogs related to your industry and post comments when they seem useful and provide a link back to your blog. The more involved you become online, the more often people will recognize your name and want to read your blog.