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7 Lessons you Can Learn from the Smart Marketers at Affiliate Summit

June 12, 2007

Shawn Collins and Missy Ward continue to amaze me with the smart marketing they do for their top trade show Affiliate Summit, taking place in Miami July 8-10.

Here are 7 Things you can learn from these virtuoso marketers:

1. Surprise me – Last Friday I received two old fashioned mail communications from Shawn and Missy, the first one, an inflated ball was a piece of marketing genious. Everyone in my office was talking about it and playing with it before it made its way to me.

This amazing idea comes from Send A Ball in Chicago, read all about this cool company.

2. Use Web 2.0 Technology – Shaun and Missy are using Video really well to promote the show and to promote their partners, exhibitors and speakers. Here’s a video they shot in our Ten Golden Rules Booth at the Las Vegas Affiliate Summit.

3. Blogging for Dollars – Blogs are no longer a pull strategy, Shawn and Missy are doing a great job pushing their blog out through emails and RSS feeds.

4. Old fashioned direct mail stands out – We went back to the future to promote the American Marketing Association events in South Florida with yellow postcards used to promote every upcoming event. Shawn and Missy sent me a postcard last Friday, the same day we were having a ball with the Send A Ball.

5. Consistency – The Affiliate Summit Messages come as regular as clockwork, keeping the event very top of mind.

6. Hurry, We’re Selling Out!! A little supply and demand marketing goes a long way. The Las Vegas show was ‘sold out’ about three weeks in advance and Shaun and Missy helped desperate affiliates find tickets for sale on eBay. I don’t remember any of the events being jammed to capacity, but the perception that tickets were in short supply will be long remembered. The hotel has already sold out for Miami and the Blog today announced a sell out of show tickets expected by June 22nd.

7. Great Content – We will be presenting a new version of ‘Affilaite 2.0 – Discover the Ten Web Tends defining the new internet’ on day 1 in Miami and a number of other great presenters are booked. Here’s a link to a video of Jake Bailey from

I hope to see you in Miami, if you are coming please send me an email in advance so we can meet up to jay (at) tengoldenrules (dot) com , or come by our booth to say hi!