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Adapting Your Persona Is Good Business

April 28, 2011

Marketing is a way to reach people and sell them on either your service or your product. Social marketing is more of selling yourself, and then your service or product. So creating an attractive, in-touch persona, and adapting it as time goes on seems very logical.

Social marketing has created a whole new world where people/customers can review and rate products and services literally in the blink of an eye. Not only that but they can also get an impression of you and your business much faster than before. With platforms like Facebook and Twitter you are representing yourself in a much more three dimensional manner than in the past. Creating a persona that positively represents you and your grasp on your professions here and now will help you attract potential customers.

In today’s business world being forthright is becoming more and more important. Staying tuned in to your surroundings is critical. Representing yourself as a company that people can relate to will help you gain trust right off.

“Being comfortable with the familiar persona you see in the mirror is not the same as having an appearance that helps you reach your goals.”
Seth Godin