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Amazing Insight From Google Analytics!


Hi, it’s Matt the Intern. Today I’m going to give you some insight on Google Analytics!
Google Analytics is great tool; all websites should use it. It will give you free info about how many people go to your website, where they come from, and what they do when on your website.

To set up Google Analytics:

  2. Follow the steps to create an account.
  3. Add the code to your website.
  4. Set up conversion goals.
    • purchases
    • contact us forms
    • white paper downloads

When you open Google Analytics, they present you with a dashboard.
Set the date range in the top right portion of the dashboard.
You can also set a comparison range. You can compare a time period to the prior to previous ones (days, weeks, months, or years).
The Google Analytics dashboard is the equivalent of the dashboard of a car or plane. You can see all the important information in one place.
In a car, you can see your speed, and how much gas you have left, your radio station, and even if there are any safety warnings.
In analytics: you can see all your key web traffic measures.
In this example, we find out that we had 14,215 users (unique visitors) to the website this year vs last year where we had 5,812 last year.
Some other key information: our bounce rate has decreased.
Google defines bounce rate as the number of people that come to your website and leave without visiting a second page, so they “bounce off,” of the website.
Bounce rate has decreased from 85.62% TO 78.73%, which is good.
Our percentage of new visitors has remained relatively constant at 85%.
In this chart we get a breakdown of where the traffic comes from. 61% of all visitors to the website came from organic, or free search.
19.3% came from referral which means links from other websites.
13% was direct traffic, which means that they typed the website address into their web browser.
Only 1.4% was paid for through paid search.
This section of analytics shows:
Goal completions
This site has gone from 12 goals per month to 90 goals per month.
Needless to say, our client was very happy when we showed him this report.