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Are You on Instagram?


If your company isn’t on Instagram yet, research shows that you’re behind – 40% of top US brands are already on this up-and-coming platform, according to Mashable. While this pales in comparison to the 98% of companies on Facebook, Instagram is a fast-growing platform that allows companies to connect with their consumer base in a completely different way. Brands can create Instagram accounts and share photos with their fans, so it’s great for the retail industry, but Instagram could also have applications for tourism (photos of the destinations), event planners (event photos), arts (gallery opening photos), and more. Plus, Instagram released hashtags to better allow companies and people to find photos and topics they love. Brisk Iced Tea ran a campaign that allowed users who tagged #briskpic to compete for a chance to have their photos showcased on limited edition iced tea cans at the SXSW conference. Other companies, like Charity Water, are getting in on the Instagram campaign craze, too, now that it’s an ideal platform for running unique photo competitions.

 How can you utilize Instagram for your company?

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