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Back to School Internet Marketing


With 16 million strong and 200 billion dollars in their pockets, college students are a powerful demographic. Computers, furniture, books, electronics, and standard school supplies are just some of the things these young adults will be spending their money on over the next month. And because this target demographic is already very friendly with the internet, as an online retailer, you are positioned to give them what they need.

So how can you reach college students as they go back to school?

Pay Per Click – are enhanced search engine placements that are paid by advertisers to showcase their products or services related to what searchers are looking for. Right now, college students are shopping online for the products they want. Create brand awareness and draw in a few sales using pay per click.

Viral Marketing – delivers information about your products and services by word-of-mouth. It can be useful in reaching a large number of people rapidly.

Online Press Releases – using online press releases to get not only notice on the internet but also traditional media attention. Your press release has the potential of ending up on thousand of college related websites, passing information about your brand and the products you offer.