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Beware What You Download Comcast Metered Broadband

August 29, 2008

According with DSL Reports Comcast will institute a 250 GB cap on its broadband connections starting Oct. 1. Expect other carriers to follow suit and make tiered broadband a reality. Comcast’s arguments about infrastructure and bandwidth costs. Much as I would like to think otherwise, this is the end of the Internet as we know it, are we going back to those days when you have to pay Internet access by the minute?. Even though 250 GB is a generous amount of bandwidth, but we’re moving towards HD video downloads. With HD, each roughly two-hour-long movie is going to consume about 8 GB. Remember, in most of the cases we share our Internet connections with multiple people in a household. So, before you know it, that 250 GB isn’t enough.

According with some analyst “The cap Comcast has put in place will directly impact online digital media growth and innovation seen through services such as Hulu, Netflix, On Networks and Move Networks. Their motivation is to protect its video on demand services and prevent ISPs from becoming commodities as 250 GB”

I think 250GB is a lot but can become nothing in a couple of years in other places like Canada or some European countries caps are very low.