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Bizrate,, Shopzilla and NexTag Own Over 61 Percent of the Shopping Search Market

May 4, 2007

Did I get your attention?

Gord Hotchkiss from Search Engine Land has written some highly informative blog posts on the shopping search market. Using Hitwise numbers, he shows how far Yahoo Shopping has fallen and how the consumers have flocked to four very special shopping engines, giving them over 61 percent of the shopping search market. While the big 3, Yahoo Shopping, Froogle and MSN Shopping Search hold only a combined 15 percent of the market.

So why have the mighty Big 3 fallen?

According to Gord, the independent shopping engines “were generally cleaner, with better user interfaces and more information scent for the user.” Bizrate,, Shopzilla and NexTag are doing a better job of creating user friendly experience. Yahoo Shopping, who once dominated this market, loaded down their pages with sponsored ads, which turned off the shoppers.

Internet marketers with ecommerce websites, if you’re trying to figure out which shopping engines to send your feeds to, check out Bizrate,, Shopzilla and NexTag.