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Blog Posting Tip: How Long Should a Post Be?

June 27, 2008

When blogging, a question many people may have is how long a blog post should be. Some people may not even consider the length of a post, but I believe it’s an important element in blogging success. There isn’t really one answer, but a few elements to consider.

Quality over quantity is always a good piece of advice. A good blog post can be 200 words and just be as good as a 500-1000 word post. In my experience a post that is too long may be overlooked, since most web readers tend to scan text more than actually sitting down and reading. Also, short and to the point blog posts are good because they get their information in as little words as possible, and the information will most likely stay with the reader.

With attention span in mind, checking your web stats can be another way to determine if long blog posts or short blog posts are better for your blog. Depending on the average time a user spends on your site, it may be better to do either or.

I’ve seen bloggers divide their posts into multiple parts if you need to do a long blog post. I believe this tactic is a good way for readers to keep coming back to your site. They may have read your first part of an interesting blog post and will keep coming back in anticipation of your second part. But in the meantime, they may go through other blog posts within your blog, which leads to getting to know more and possibly become a frequent visitor.

The best advice is to focus on the point of the blog post. What are you trying to get across? That should be the main focus, followed by blog post length. It doesn’t hurt to do both longer post and shorter posts. That’s the beauty of blogging, there are a bunch of different ways to go about doing things.