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Buy a New Kitchen – Get a PURL!

June 15, 2007

Recently I started the process of remodeling my kitchen. We ended up going to Lowe’s for the “one stop shop” approach, and so far the experience has been very positive. Shortly after making our initial purchase, we received a direct mail postcard that included a “PURL”. A PURL is a “P”ersonalized “URL”. In this case, it sent us to a website where we could find more information (videos and links) on the cabinets and countertops we’d purchased.

Unfortunately the cabinets and countertops featured at the PURL were not the same ones we had ordered, prompting us to make a phone call to Lowe’s to ensure we were getting the right product.

With the highly trackable nature of online marketing, PURLs are an easy way to marry that ability to your (more traditionally difficult to track) offline promotions. The PURL tracking system can tell you about visits, activity and even conversions. Just make sure you don’t end up panicking the customer with a minor electronic mistake.