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Campaign Optimizer for Google Adwords

July 31, 2007

Google recently announced their free tool, Campaign Optimizer. Supposedly in just minutes the tool will automatically analyze your budget, keywords, landing pages and create a customized proposal for your campaign. Then apparently you just pick and choose the ones you want to implement.
I use the phrases supposedly and apparently, because I am unable to run the campaign optimizer tool from our MCC. My Client Center (MCC) is a tool for handling multiple Adwords Accounts, a tool specifically for SEMs, SEOS,and ABMs to manage and optimize multiple accounts. It would seem that Campaign Optimizer would be an effective and soon to be essential tool for all advertisers including those that use MCC.
My second issue with the tool is that once I logged into a couple accounts and tried to run the campaign optimzer, I received this error, “Your campaign exceeds the limit of keywords and ad groups that the Campaign Optimizer can accommodate at this time.” The campaign is pretty big, but certainly not as big as some of the other campaigns that are being run on Adwords. Also, wouldn’t big campaigns benefit from being optimized as well.
Once I was able to find a campaign that was small enough to optimize, the tool seemed to work fine enough, but that is for another blog post.