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EP030: Internet Monitoring Tools To Predict the Winner of the 2008 Presidential Election

Episode 30 We use Internet Monitoring tools to predict the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election, the Best New Marketing Product of 2008 Peter Shankman’s incredible HARO Help A Reporter Out Online, Bohemian Financial Rhapsody, Casey the World’s most hated blogger, Jeff from, Colette Marshall of WorldWide Brands,, Call in line 206-888-6606

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Episode 30 In August of 2007 we used internet monitoring tools to correctly predict the winner of electoral primaries, we use the same tools to predict the Winner of the 2008 US Presidential Election!

Sit in on our discussion with PR Guru Peter Shankman, learn all about his amazing product the incredible HARO Help A Reporter Out Online, how to pitch reporters, how to use HARO, and Peter’s new book Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work–And Why Your Company Needs Them

Song of the Week Geoff Smith’s Bohemian Financial Rhapsody, Casey the World’s most hated blogger, Calls from Jeff from, Colette Marshall of WorldWide Brands,, Call in line 206-888-6606

Show Timeline:

00:01 Intro Craig Newmark from

00:42 TGR Intro FINAL

Webmaster World Pubcon

03:57 Tim Jones

04:57 K7 Casey Serin The Self-Proclaimed Worlds Most Hated Blogger

10:01 Song-of-the-week Geoff Smith Bohemian Financial Rhapsody

14:08 Jeff Flying Pig

17:58 Collette Marshall WorldWide Brands

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20:52 Election Podcast August 2007

31:03 Election 2008 Prediction

Live From the Ten Golden Rules Blog

31:46 Blog Mark  Geoff Ramsey eMarketer

32:34 Grace

33:50 Susan

34:53 Michael

35:33 Margie

36:33 Mikaila

37:14 Guillermo

38:59 Peter Shankman HARO Help a Reporter out Online

1:02:22 Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast Extro

1:03:00 Arno Lubbinge – Produced with CastBlaster

1:03:04 Natalie Gelman – 10 Golden Rules Sting

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