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Cascading Content: A Strategy For Social Media


It’s Beckton, back with another blog, this time on Cascading Content.
Many people are intimidated by the large number of social media platforms available to promote your brand. The ingenious solution to this is the Cascading Content model developed by Ten Golden Rules Founder and CEO Jay Berkowitz.
When you Cascade Content, you start with one piece of content, be it an article, a white paper, or a video. First, you add this content to your website and then you add a summary of the original content to your social media platforms and link back to the original content. The content ‘cascades’ down from the original content like a waterfall cascades down from a river to little streams and tributaries.
This allows you to achieve exposure on all forms of social media for work you have already done, maximizing the value of the original content. This also works because very few people will follow your company on all social media platforms and it isn’t the same thing being published on each platform.

Breaking it down

Let’s take an example, a presentation done by our CEO Jay Berkowitz. This is quite an easy piece of content to cascade, as so much can be grabbed from a one hour presentation of words and slides (visuals). For example you could use a picture of him on stage presenting and boom there is your Instagram content. For something like Twitter, you could take a quote of something he said and tweet it, and maybe add a picture for even greater effect. You could take the recording of the presentation and post it on and also on video sites like YouTube. You could do a Periscope or Facebook Live at the event, and/or a Snapchat story wouldn’t hurt either.  A blog post could be written about Jay’s presentation and put on on our blog, the options are almost endless.
All of this content comes from one event, with very little additional effort. Of course it doesn’t have to be a presentation, many of these same things could be done from a simple article, press release or video. Cascading is using everything to the fullest, getting the most out of your precious content.

Content Is Key

The point is, in digital marketing, your content is key to succeeding. The relevancy of your content, how interesting it is is all quite important, but having a great, consistent content comes before all that.
If you only post something every several months, it doesn’t really matter if it is super interesting and relevant. Cascading is one of the most effective ways to get content on all of your social media platforms without investing a lot of additional money or time. As long as you are careful to not be repetitive, the cascading content method enables you to take full advantage of every piece of media published by your organization.