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Changes to Microsoft Adcenter Trademark Policy

August 30, 2007

Microsoft just announced via email and their blog that they were making changes to their Trademark Policy. The biggest change is that Microsoft is now taking a hands off approach to trademark issues. If an advertiser wants to use a trademarked term, the advertiser must get permission from the trademark owner to use the term. Additionaly, it is the trademark owners responsibility to deal with incorrect usage of their trademark terms, Microsoft will no longer intercede to obtain permission.
Microsoft feels, “The policy is being updated in order to provide better information to advertisers, a faster response to trademark owners who submit reports of infringement, and a more efficient process for reviewing and getting ads live. We believe that the minimal changes involved here will benefit all aspects of the advertising chain – advertisers, publishers, and consumers.” This of course allows Microsoft to show more ads as Affiliates, Resellers and Third Parties may show up against searches for your trademarked terms.