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Every Page Is Your Homepage

April 18, 2008

I was so happy today when I saw this blog post from Mitch Joel, over at the Six Pixels of Separation blog. Long have I lobbied for Internet marketers to stay focused on the every day user – not the tech-savvy advanced users our industry comprises.

Yes, this is a simple idea – ANY page of your website can be the homepage because it is the entry point for a particular visitor. But, this fact is often lost on web professionals and website owners. So much attention is placed on the homepage, and interior pages get little regard.

But we need to realize that first and foremost, we must consider the every day user. They are, after all, our potential market – our audience. Although many millions use the Internet daily, most except the very immersed use it only casually – for whatever they’ve found it useful – and that’s as far as they take it. It’s a tool – a means to an end.

So, when they do a search and find a webpage, it IS the homepage to them. Is your website architected with this in mind?