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Facebook Bejeweled Blitz Addicting

November 12, 2010

For those who are not aware Facebook has an application that is called Bejeweled Blitz. This is a one off of the popular game Bejeweled that was created by Pop Caps. The full length version allows you to play until you either run out of times or until there are no more moves left. This one only gives you one 60 seconds to get as many points as you can hence the name “Bejeweled Blitz”.

I must confess that I have spent hours upon hours playing this game. Yes you read correctly, I have spent hours playing this game simply because 60 seconds just flies by and I am always saying, “Just one more game just to beat my previous score.” On top of that each day you play you get to do a lottery spin to see if you can win more coins in order to buy special gem attributes.

The faster you can match the jewels the higher your score will be and it will actually put you into hyper speed as if you were a Jedi Knight! If you haven’t played, I suggest you take just one moment (I would say 60 seconds but you’re going to play longer than that) to play this awesome game.