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February 5th is Monday (only a few days away)

February 1, 2007

Just a friendly reminder that Yahoo Search Marketing on Monday February 5th is swithing to their New Ranking Model (By new Model, I mean really similar to the Adwords model). Yahoo Search has had many links on how to get better results using their new Ranking Model, including these tips on how to prepare for the transition and this overview. It has been discussed at great length on other sites and blogs about how the New Ranking Model will work, but what I am most curious about is what are people doing about this transition. Is anyone nervous that info will be lost, or that Ads will be down for sometime Monday and into Tuesday and beyond? What are you doing about this transition, are you increasing your bids just to be on the safe side, have you been actively adjusting your ads to make sure you are getting good click through rates?

I, for one, am not that concerned, sure I have been optimizing our ads and bids, but I do that anyway. Do I plan to login early on Monday morning to check on the status of our accounts, of course, but I do that anyway. I just may get up an hour or two earlier, as they say…. The early bird gets the worm. If only Yahoo Search Marketing would have heeded that advice and made this switch along time ago.

I’ll post early next week with updates on how the transition went.