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Flexible Reach Targeting on the Google Display Network


Have you noticed the new Flexible reach targeting option in your Display Network campaign?

This new option allows you to select your settings based on the ad group level rather than campaign level. Google provides details explaining, “Flexible reach allows you to select any combination of multiple targeting selections at the ad group level, plus the control to combine different methods for targeting and bidding at the ad group level. It also provides transparency into how your targeting selections are affecting the reach and impression volume of your campaigns. The Flexible reach campaign setting will appear as an optional setting in AdWords accounts in June and will eventually replace the Broad and Specific reach options later this year.”

Although this option will at some point be the default – please be cautious before proceeding. Once you’ve decided to select the Flexible reach option, you will no longer be allowed to use Broad or Specific reach. So, be sure you are absolutely ready before making the switch.

What do I think about this change? Having the opportunity for more relevancy is a “win” for everyone (both advertisers and consumers), so I’m all for it.

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Image credit: stuartpilbrow