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Getting News Through the Twittersphere


Twitter has grown so much, and everyday more and more people are tweeting. For many internet marketers and social media junkies, Twitter has become a part of our daily lives, next to email and listening to music on Pandora or Slacker Radio. When you are using Twitter and checking it multiple times a day, you become accustomed to what is happening in the Twitter world. In fact, Twitter has already proven that they can be ahead of mainstream media, since once a tweet is sent, it is seen instantly.

Here is a couple of Twitter news I found out today through my Twitter circle:

A while back I wrote about Ivy Bean a while back, who was the oldest Twitter user. I found out that she had passed away today. As @IvyBean104, she was just another Twitter user, using it as she found useful. She was a popular user, with 56,000 followers and was fairly active. It just comes to show that anyone can use social media, even if you’re over 100 years old. Amazing, I think.

Hated by many, liked by many (including myself – I can’t help that I think his beats are dope) Kanye West is now part of the Twittersphere as @KanyeWest. His first tweet caused some attention (of course) –

Perhaps his visit to Silicon Valley made him create a Twitter account? He was also there to meet with technology companies and also performed at Facebook headquarters.

Are you like me and find out most of today’s news stories through Twitter?